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1.How much does Open Debate cost?

Typically, an initial online consultation costs £4,000 - £5,000 which includes the set-up of your Open Debate System. Subsequent online consultations added into the system taking the same format are then charged at around £2,000 - £3,000. These costs are based on our standard Open Debate system and are subject to VAT.

2.Is there an annual licence fee?

There are no license fees or subscription costs, we will just need to renew the website hosting, database hosting and domain names on an annual basis.

3.How do we get started?

Following an initial meeting or discussion we will put together a proposal for your approval, which typically includes a couple of suggested website designs. Once the proposal is agreed, we will send you a ‘Starter Pack’ to complete which allows us to evaluate your exact technical requirements. From this, we can get started on the build of your Open Debate system.

4.How long does it take to set an Open Debate up?

Typically, an Open Debate system takes between four to five weeks to design and develop, but we’ve been known to do them much more quickly than this if timescales are tight!

5.We have brand guidelines, is this a problem?

Not at all, our in-house designer will be happy to design a consultation website in line with your current brand guidelines or any other project materials you may have already produced.

6.We want to use our existing website for online consultation, can you help?

Yes we can. We can build a consultation microsite (rather than a full website) which enables users to register and complete a questionnaire or submit comments. This microsite must be hosted on our servers, but it can look exactly like your existing website so the user wouldn’t know the difference. You would be able to log into Open Debate as normal to manage the microsite.

7.How easy is the system to use?

The system is very easy to use and prior to the launch of your Open Debate system your Account Manager will host an interactive training session to take you through all the functions and features. We can also supply a Help Guide.

8.Is our consultation data secure?

We hold website, system and data security in very high regard and are registered under the Data Protection Act. The Open Debate system was subjected to rigorous penetration testing to ensure its resilience to attempted hacking or manipulation. Penetration tests provide insight into the security employed by our organisation defining acceptable levels of risk and exposure, setting the foundation for future security developments.

9.Do we have to manage the online consultation ourselves?

We have developed Open Debate so that an online consultation can be managed in-house, by your existing PR agency, or by us on your behalf. Our approach to on-going support is flexible to fit around your own resources. Support is charged at our standard hourly rate.

10.How will people know about our online consultation?

We’re here to advise you on the best ways to encourage participation (from the right people!) in your online consultation; from implementing digital marketing strategies to setting up a profile on Facebook or Twitter. We’re also experts in managing consultation – visit the Consense website for more details.

11.Can you help me with managing the other aspects of my consultation too?

If you want more than just an online consultation, we have the experience and resources to manage your entire consultation programme; from the initial research that drives engagement objectives and strategy to managing all aspects of a campaign, including final reporting on the process and its outcomes. For more information please visit the Consense website

12.Can't we just use a normal website for our consultation?

Open Debate offers a lot more than a ‘normal’ website can. The front end is a branded project website which enables visitors to engage by registering and submitting feedback; but the real show-stopper is the secure ‘admin area’.

It’s our live web-based admin area that adds real value to the consultation process: it enables you to see who’s engaging online, respond to questions and comments, send out news alerts, identify key themes, view questionnaire results, keep a contact log and generate reports. All of this means your consultation project is fully auditable and your data is robust.

Without Open Debate, consultation feedback is likely to come into your inbox. This means you’ll probably spend precious time adding data to a spreadsheet (or similar) that needs to be managed and reported on manually. By investing in Open Debate, the process is streamlined and your confidential data is easy to manage and kept safe on our secure servers.

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